Frequently Asked Questions

CoSure is an agile and smart way to connect the risks. A digital bridge between the risk providers and risk seekers.

Fast, easy, effective and smart way of all your risk transfer transactions in a blockchain based platform.

Please ask for a price quotation for your specific need.

It is fully compliant with GDPR / KVKK rules.

Any party who is eligible for an insurance contract can be the member of the platform.

You can invite any of your non-member co-insurer / reinsurer to the platform with the conditions mentioned under your sales agreement with CoSure .

Only the authorised members of your company plus the party you seek for quotation / provide quotation.

The platform is for both local and global use.

Yes, in our last iteration, Blockchain will be a great use, but please note that the platform is fully a blockchain based one.

You will never need pen / ink with the CoSure platform.

Yes, the chat platform enables all the chats within the parties and can be tracked chronologically.

Yes, all your correspondences / negotiations can be tracked in the platform.

What happens today is the case, and CoSure platform never guarantees you to find / provide your risks at the market .

Yes, there will be a summary page about your risk before you seek a quotation.

There will be a dashboard for a general use but it can also be customized as per your request.

Yes, and this table is prepared as per your request and can be revised at any time.

Only the members can seek a quotation in the platform.

Yes you can but as long as your both risk providers / risk seekers local law allow.